Science Shows That Women Prefer This One Thing Over Sex

From super-sexy ads to hashtags like #foodporn or #foodgasm, food and sex will always be paired together. Interestingly enough, a lot of people find food is actually more mind-blowing than sex, according to a recent survey.

Over the 11,976 18-55 year olds surveyed globally, a huge 60% of respondents said that eating can be as pleasurable as sex, and nearly half of women said that they would choose dinner over sex. Another 31% went for the middle ground choosing neither, but that still means that less than one in four women would definitely pick amazing sex over an amazing dinner.

Has food taken big enough strides to overtake sex? Or has sex gotten that bad? Well the researchers say that nearly 70% of respondents said their dietary choices said many things about their personality, social status, and values. We see food as an extension of ourselves, and as such we’re more likely to feel stronger emotions about what and how we eat.

Less than one in four women would definitely pick amazing sex over an amazing dinner.

The researchers wrote: “Freshly prepared wheatgrass juice, grass-fed beef, and the like have become the new indulgences, allowing people to feel good about themselves and even a little bit superior to those who consume only widely available, highly processed foods. What we eat — and choose not to eat — is a daily testament to who we are and how we live our lives.”

Of course, whether or not food is better than sex or vice versa, there’s an easy solution. Go out for an awesome meal, then go home and have great sex. Easy as that! Or just tell your guy to up his game. Either or.

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