Should You Sleep With Your Pets? Research Reveals The Answer

If you kick your pooch off the bed every night, you might want to stock up on apology treats. A recent study has found that, contrary to popular belief, sleeping with your pets doesn’t actually disrupt your sleep as much as you might think. In fact, it offers people a sense of security, helping them get a better night’s sleep.

The study consisted of 150 participants filling out a sleep questionnaire that included questions about their pets. These included type and number of animals in the home as well as their sleeping habits. A subsequent interview asked respondents where the pets slept, how they behaved and whether or not pets affected their own sleep.

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20% of the study said their pets disturbed their sleep, but 41% believed having a pet in the bedroom actually helped them sleep better. Dr. Lois Krahn, a sleep medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine in Arizona, and one of the paper’s authors, said “… [some people] find that sleeping with their animal actually helps them feel cozy. One woman said her two small dogs kind of warmed her bed. Another person felt her cat who was touching her during the night was comforting and soothing.”