Spilt Milk Cafe – The New Pt Chev Social Hub

If you’re a Pt Chevalier local, if you like modern design in tandem with a unique mix of Oriental and classic Kiwi meals, you’re in luck. Spilt Milk has just opened shop, and there’s nothing to cry about.


A cafe nestled in the Pt Chev with a small capacity of only around 30 people sounds like the perfect scene for both an under-budgeted yet well-executed movie and a mid-morning coffee break. The owner, Rakesh Mistry, has already got one booming entry into the Auckland cafe scene, Okra Espresso Lounge. But where he and his wife Jennifer essentially inherited that establishment – in the sense that they bought it furnished – Spilt Milk is ground-up brand new.

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They both have backgrounds in design and accordingly everything feels extremely polished. The semi-white theme permeates throughout the small, cosy interior and brightens the place up a lot. Given that it’s a unit within an arcade of shops, there isn’t a huge amount of natural light except for the front area. Managing to make the cafe feel warm and inviting can’t have been an easy task but it definitely feels achieved!


The decor is minimal but in a good way. It doesn’t shout about what it is but contributes to the simple nature of the food and drink. The menu is nice and easy, keeping to one page but with options expansive enough to cater to even the most picky of eaters. The kitchen are friendly and are easy on switching up meals depending on individual tastes. If you want the vegan feed but minus tofu, no problem. If you then want to ruin the vegan aspect by adding perhaps chicken or beef, they won’t judge! The cabinet food is also enough for a quick bite on the way to work or a good sugar hit.


The M2 resident designer, Matt Genefaas and I both had a simple coffee each with a shared slice of cake and everything was perfect. Split Milk, like Okra, use the Velo coffee bean. This is a quite dark, strong bean so if you like a lighter flavour be sure to ask for a single shot. Matt and I like it a bit stronger so the standard double shot was just lovely. The crema was creamy and there was just enough foam in the milk to establish it as barista-made. As an ex-hospitality worker, the first thing I noticed was that the glasses fit the little circle in the middle of the saucer perfectly. The amount of times there were nearly major accidents because of a misplaced glass… Well, it’s the small things in life, right?


Overall, this quaint little cafe should absolutely be on your radar. Especially if you’re a Pt Chev local or regular. The white theme, going off the name, makes what could have easily been a rather dark shop a warm, inviting, tasteful experience. Combined with a simple yet broad menu and proper strong coffee, Spilt Milk is sure to be a household name in the next few years. Make sure you’re a regular from day one.