Sue Nicholson Of Sensing Murder Tells Us About Her Most Unsettling Case

In modern times, being a psychic or a clairvoyant is no easy task. The internet makes people anonymous keyboard warriors, giving themselves knowledge on subjects they really have no clue about. Psychics cop a lot of ridicule online, and yet shows like TVNZ 2’s Sensing Murder are massive hits. Perhaps those online anti-everything-ers have spoken too soon? Well, we decided to have a chat with Sue Nicholson, the star of the all new Sensing Murder Series and unearth what it’s like to work as a psychic on some truly horrific and unsettling cases.

When did you first become a psychic, or realise you had a gift?

I was born with the intuitive gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience, which means that I can hear, see and feel spirit energy around me. I can remember many visitations by spirit people during the evenings of my childhood. They would come to my bedside and chat with me about different things. My great-grandfather was one such spirit who would occasionally visit from time to time. Afterwards, these spirit people would leave by walking through the walls. I used to think that everyone could see them, but I soon realised that this wasn’t the case at all.

Tell us about Sensing Murder. What is your role?

I was selected as one of the psychics for the original series and have been lucky enough to continue in this capacity on the new show starting 2nd march on TVNZ TV 2. I have the task of channelling as much information as possible about each of the cases in question. It is a very gruelling process because my days are long and tiring, but of course, we are aiming to shed light on what happened to these people which is precisely what motivates me. I am also required to lead the film crew and producers to the exact location of where the crime took place. Of course, this is no easy task, but I simply trust in the knowing that Spirit will guide me to wherever I need to be.

What has been the most unsettling case?

I can’t reveal any of the cases from the new series yet but the most unsettling case from the original series was the tragic death of Angela Blackmore, who was killed in her Christchurch home by an intruder. She was pregnant, which left her completely vulnerable to the sudden attack. The events of her death will continue to stay with me, as I reflect upon the dark side of life.

Have you had any other paranormal moments off-air?

I will usually attract an array of different energies wherever I go. This is because the spirit people around me quickly learn that I can see and communicate with them. From time to time, I have had lights and other electrical devices turn on and off at random, as well as strange physical experiences in the middle of the night. I guess that it comes with the territory!

Is being a psychic something one is born with or is it like a muscle or skill you can train?m2woman-sue-nicholson

We are all psychic; it just depends on the strength of your connection to the spirit world. I was born psychically-aware and have always been able to communicate with the other side. I do believe that we all have the capacity to tune in to the energies of the spirit world though. Some people will, of course, be more gifted in this regard than others. It’s a bit like running; we can all run, but not everyone has the ability to represent their country as an Olympic sprinter. With practice and patience, we can all harness our natural psychic abilities to a greater extent. It is all about learning to trust your intuitive voice.

What do you do to deal with haters and sceptics?

I simply continue along my path with the intention of bringing hope and peace to people’s lives. Trust me when I tell you that it isn’t easy being a psychic medium with people judging your every move. Many people will say such nasty things and accuse me of trying to scam people. They will use the silent platform of social media to blatantly attack people like me. It’s very destructive and completely unacceptable to be harassing people in this way. We teach our children to be kind and accepting towards their peers, even when they disagree with one another, so why can’t some adults be more responsible and practice what they preach? It is a simple, yet important question that needs to be addressed because bullying is often the cause of depression and suicide in our communities. Bullying needs to stop, now.

Moreover, I completely acknowledge that some people will be sceptical of what I can do, and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I feel that life is more interesting when you keep an open mind, and I certainly know the truth of what I do.

What’s next for you?

I am always busy outside of filming doing readings, live shows and workshops and general spiritual counselling. I’m about to head off on a 6 month nationwide tour of New Zealand beginning mid March in Rangiora, so am looking forward to that as I love connecting directly with a live audience.

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