4 things I Am Doing This Year to Build on Last Year’s Success

Last year was a phenomenal year for me both professionally and personally; my business grew dramatically, my work load lessened, I connected well with my family, I visited countries on my bucket list, I wrote a book (to be published in April) and I worked hard on my physical fitness and health.
Looking forward to this year, I have set aside some clear goals and strategies to build on and improve what was a great 2018:

My Tribe

In 2019, I will continue to surround myself with people who inspire, challenge and motivate me. Being a member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and having a small ‘mastermind’ group who hold me accountable and ‘get’ me is crucial for me to stay grounded and focused.
In my business, I will continue to work with and employ people who are genuinely good people; honest, ethical, capable and optimistic.

My Family

Having no extended family in New Zealand makes the relationship with Emily (my wife), Amber (4) and Ethan (8) even more important than it usually would be.

Connecting with my wife and spending quality, uninterrupted time with my kids must continue to be a priority. Last year, I wrote how this was a choice I made without compromise – my children are still at an age where they genuinely want to spend as much time with me as they can and I plan to make the most of it.

My Work

Pure SEO has the best team of people that it has ever had, we have just opened a Brisbane office and also launched a corporate brand late last year (Digital Popcorn).

This year, my work will focus on continuing to grow Pure toward the goals I have set out (monthly, quarterly, and yearly business goals for this year), while making sure our Brisbane office launches well and that Digital Popcorn continues its exceptional growth.

I want to keep employing team members who are at the top of their game, whilst keeping the ethos and culture of the organisation: one of excellence, inclusion, positivity and diversity.


After a patchy Christmas period (forgive me my human weakness!), I have started with my fitness regime by booking in three, weekly kickboxing sessions into my diary. I am going to continue to read at least one book a week, and aim to increase the number of ‘useful’ books I read. Last year I had numerous bouts of insomnia which I often medicated to resolve, and this year I’m aiming to take control of this and focus on resolving it positively.

I have spent the Christmas break getting a grip on this and finding non-medicated strategies of getting a good night’s sleep. I have bought myself ‘sleep-pods’ which are comfortable wireless headphones, and have enforced on myself a bedtime routine that seems to be working. No screens (other than Kindle) after a certain time, a bath before bed (it’s a British thing but not one to be scoffed at!) and if I wake up and something is bothering me, I write it down on the pen and paper by my bed.

All of these goals and focuses for the year function similarly to personal resolutions, and it’s key to remember to look after yourself. My ability to enact change in the lives of others comes from a place of personal strength and focus.

Appreciating yourself is just as important as appreciating those around you, and recognising what is important will help guide you to a place of personal – and professional – strength. At the start of each year we are given a choice: repeat the previous 12 months, or grow. I’ve chosen to be an uplifter to myself and those around me, I hope reading this has inspired you to do the same.