This Is The Chiccest Adventure Hotel Ever

The ION Adventure Hotel is a eco-conscious effort by Design Hotels to take an abandoned building in Iceland and transform it into the height of luxury. It’s situated near the Mount Hengill volcano and is the perfect mixture of rugged escapism and fine living.


It was built using a prefabricated panelised building system, which actually goes above and beyond the environmentally safe building standards. These innovative materials, sustainable practises and natural features utilising the mountain landscape around it are all hallmarks of the ION look.


Organic and fairtrade linens plus wooden flooring are universal over all 45 accommodations, and the water-saving shower systems plus recycled beds and chairs all push the ION ethos of sustainability.


The “mix of concrete chic and earthly ambiance” combine with the homely atmosphere of local driftwood and hand-wrought lava designed by Minarc.

Fresh food and good drink courtesy of Silfra Restaurant and Bar, stunning vistas from Northern Lights Bar and the partially exposed Lava Spa all intertwine to create an intensely memorable Icelandic experience, before even stepping foot outside.MTM5MzY0MTM3NjY1ODMyNzk4

All images: Design Hotels