These Are The Most Unusual Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Weddings are a beautiful thing. Two people, joined forever on the bounds of their love in front of their friends and family. They can be quiet, beach affairs or grand, traditional church events with thousands of dollars spent. Well, thanks to EliteSingles, there are actually a whole host of unusual and funny wedding traditions from around the world. It turns out there are plenty of ways people tie the knot – read on to find out!

1. Germany: Baumstamm sägen (sawing the log)


After the ceremony, the bride and groom have to use a two-person crosscut handsaw to cut a large log in half – while still in their bridal clothes! This symbolizes the ways in which they must work together in the future (although, to make it a bit quicker, the log has sometimes already been partially sawed through by the fathers of the bride and groom).

2. The southern USA: Burying the bourbon


In some parts of the South, the bride and groom bury a (full!) bottle of bourbon upside-down at or near the site where they’ll say their vows. This must be done one month before the wedding in order to ward off rain on the wedding day and, whether the weather plays along or not, the bourbon will be dug up, shared, and enjoyed during the reception.

3. Canada: Silly sock dance


In Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada, the older, unmarried siblings of the bride and groom perform a dance at the reception while wearing ridiculous, brightly-colored, knitted socks. Guests can show their approval of the dancing display by tossing money at the siblings, which is then (generously) donated to the bride and groom.

4. Guatemala: Breaking the bell


After the wedding, everyone typically goes to the groom’s house. Hanging over the doorway is a white ceramic bell filled with rice, flour, and other different types of grain – all of which represent abundance. As the couple arrives, the mother of the groom welcomes them and ceremonially smashes the bell, bringing the couple good luck and prosperity.