The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Can’t Stop Getting Glitter-Bombed

If you’ve been around for any of the past 6-odd years, you’ll have heard of The Walking Dead. It’s a massive global hit about the zombie apocalypse – a surefire hit whoever you are. It might be dramatic and slightly insane, but off-camera the actors are anything but.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are two of the shows big stars, and recently they’ve become embroiled in an all-out prank war. Just last week we saw Lincoln sitting in his car with confetti blasting out of his air vents:

Glitter attack successful ?

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What a face! That last little plea of “I’m sweaty…” as Reedus crows about the heat. Perfect execution.

But then Lincoln tried to get back at Reedus at the recent San Diego Comic-Con and it didn’t quite go to plan:

I really hope the Walking Dead boys continue their prank war. It’s a great departure from the petty West/Swift feuds, people being offended by everything and naked selfies trying to “break the internet.” Just two grown men being boys and having a good time about it. You really can’t go wrong.