4 Weird Reasons To Come To New Zealand, According to Americans

With the constantly growing fear prospect of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the USA, more and more Americans are looking at ways of getting out. Canada or Mexico (wall or no wall) are the closest options, but New Zealand is being pushed as Option Three. Publications like Huffington Post are posting things like ’15 Reasons We Should All Move To New Zealand If Donald Trump Becomes President’ and to be honest, I’m not such a big fan.

On top of subjective things like our size/population is quite nice as it is, we already have a housing crisis in Auckland that’s spreading fairly rapidly. The rich/poor gap is huge. Huffington’s list is also pretty… well, weird.

Lots of Sheep

It starts off well enough, talking about our lovely beaches, mountains, pies, and how friendly we are (all true), but then it brings up the fact that there are 6 times as many sheep than there are people.

Why does this count as a reason to move to a country? A place with six times as many food sources as their population sounds… a tad American, now that I think about it. Personally I’ve never based my decision making on the animal to human ratio of whatever it is I’m doing. Except if it’s going swimming at the pools and the ratio of crocodiles is one or more.

Meat Pies

Hey, you get the choice of Donald Trump or meat pies. It isn’t a hard decision. Huffington defines the pie as possibly sounding like “a questionable snack” but “actually an obscenely delicious dish that’s easy to eat on the go.”

The meat pie surely is a “delicious dish”. Steak & Cheese should be your first port of call. Just ask your local dairy for their “finest dish of meat pie”.

Sand Boarding

Apparently “Sandboarding will be your new workout of choice.” It’s a bit of fun for five minutes, but after you walk up the dune for the second time you’ll be pretty over it. Perhaps it’s all those aforementioned meat pies that make it so hard. Unfortunately gyms are still a boom industry here, despite our dunes.

You’ll Be Converted to the Church Of Rugby

Once again, sport isn’t the coolest reason to move to another country, but Huffington did make a good point that it’s more fun to watch than American football.

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