You Need To See These Glasses If You’re Colourblind

Colourblindness affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women, and is most commonly a red/green problem. A lot of us know someone or are someone with colourblindness, so this will be something you’ll want to read.

Colourblindness isn’t an actual blindness, but rather a loss of clarity to colour. It’s also called Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD). It can be acquired, but is most commonly inherited through genes. The genes that influence the colours inside the eyes, called ‘photopigments,’ are carried on the X chromosome. If these genes are abnormal or damaged, you get CVD. But now, there’s a way to alleviate these problems.

EnChroma lenses work by slicing out certain wavelengths of light to enhance specific colours. They separate the red and green cones, helping improve vision for those who lack in red and green sight.

Credit: EnChroma

There are countless videos on the Internet of people trying these for the first time, and they’re all pretty emotional at the end of it.

It should be noted that the glasses don’t “cure” colourblindness. As Forbes reported, both the people who tried the glasses still failed the colourblind test. They also aren’t particularly cheap – non-prescription versions setting you back between US$340 and $440 for a pair. They are very much a luxury item. But for many people, they are a luxury worth indulging.