5 Everyday Activities You Can Turn Into Wellbeing Rituals

Who would’ve thought the morning commute could feel this good?

There’s plenty of advice from experts out there on the benefits of creating habits that improve your wellbeing, but let’s face it – sometimes, it’s a squeeze trying to make the time for new routines. Check out our top 5 everyday activities that you can transform into wellbeing rituals!

Switch up the morning commute

Getting to and from work is something we all have to do on the regular (unless you work from home, lucky you!). Have you ever considered switching up your morning commute to become a time to reconnect with yourself, and get centred? We suggest getting off the bus 3 stops early or parking the car three extra blocks away. Take the time to walk as time to check in with yourself and set yourself three goals for the day.

Going an extra layer deep with your skincare

A strong skincare routine is often the foundation of the time to unwind after work. Turn that face wash into a full-blown face massage, and really familiarise yourself with the curves and contours of your face. It can really help to ground yourself in your body after a sometimes-hectic day. We recommend the Skin Deep Manuka Honey Facemask, available at Polynesian Spa – the high-quality honey used can really help to relax your senses and help to shift that facewash into a proper pamper session.

Stretch yourself in the right way

It can be so easy to overcommit in today’s busy world, and subsequently, many of us are feeling the effects of being overstretched. Physically, this can lead to tensions, muscle aches, and stress. A really straight forward way to combat this is to set yourself a calendar reminder to stand up from your desk and stretch your body every few hours. Trust us, it’s simple yet effective.

Stay hydrated, not overcaffeinated

We know! When it’s busy, a cup of hot coffee seems to do the trick and help get us back on track, but it can be too easy to sip too much of our favourite caffeine fuelled beverage. Try swapping coffee for herbal tea, or a lemon water instead. This can help reduce your cortisol and in turn, improve your sleep. Lowering your cortisol and increasing your hydration can help get you on track for glowing skin.

Mindful eating

Try eating at least one of your meals per day in the company of others. Being around others while eating can help you to avoid mindlessly overeating, as can avoiding eating meals in front of a TV or computer screen. Focusing on what’s in front of you can really help you to be more aware of what you’re fuelling your body with.

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