5 Minutes With … Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is unapologetically herself, which is a breathe of fresh air and reassuring for younger generations who have slim pickings when it comes to strong, inspirational role models. Her sage advice about being yourself is also something the rest of us, no matter how young, could take strength from at certain stages of our lives. After all, staying true to yourself when you are in the public eye can be a difficult journey, but it is one that Anne-Marie has a very profound way of dealing with. Her devotion to empowerment, both through how she presents herself and the songs she sings, was clear as we chatted about the importance of supporting one another and how she hopes to achieve this through her upcoming album.


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You spend a lot of your time in the public eye, how do you stay true to yourself and maintain your individuality? I think it’s just being open with everyone and not becoming something or someone else just because you are in the public eye. I think that is what I have always tried to do and want to keep doing it just be myself to everyone so they don’t have to treat me differently. I guess you just have to remember who you are and who you were before it all started, because, I mean other wise you are going to float up in the clouds I guess. I don’t think I am going to do that.


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Staying true to yourself is so important to you, something that can also be seen in your songs which are very personal. Ciao Adios, for example, talks about a rocky relationship you had. Why is it important for you to use such personal experiences as inspiration? I want to write about anything and anything, [as long as it is] something that touches people. I think we forget how powerful music is and how much it helps people through things. I want to be that help for someone. So if I believe a subject is going to help someone through a certain situation then I’ll write about that.  Everything I write about is stuff I have been through. It is a very personal album, there is a lot of different subjects on there. I didn’t just want to write about heartbreak, although a lot of people [do] go through that and they understand that kind of song. I also wanted to write songs about feeling insecure and feeling strong. When I was growing up I used to listen to songs by Christina Aguilera, which had songs called Stronger and stuff like that made me feel better about myself. I want someone to have a song to listen to no matter what mood they’re in so they always have something to turn to.



All of this talk about empowerment, it is something that is being spoken about more and more. Especially in the sense of  supporting one another. Would you call yourself a feminist?
Yeah, I think what people see feminism as is quite scary to them if they don’t understand what it is. But I think what is important is just knowing what we deserve and being a strong female and bringing females up with us. What I try and do is for my fans or people who are younger, when I found it difficult growing up I always try and give them words that might make them feel better about themselves or happy in some sort of way to empower them, I think it is really important to do that.


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Like you said, a lot of people don’t understand feminism and shy away from it. What does being a feminist mean to you? [Yeah] they think it is against men, but it’s not. [Being a feminist] is being strong and standing up for what you believe in. It’s standing up for our rights and what we believe we deserve.