5 Minutes With … Kacy Hill

With so many incredible singers gracing us with new music each month, we are keeping track of the latest and greatest. Here we sat down with Kacy Hill,  American model and singer-songwriter who is currently signed to Kanye West’s GOOD music.  Her sound is best described as trip hop/electronica/dream pop, and it can be enjoyed on her new, debut studio album – Like a Woman.


My upcoming album/single is about … being a woman!

My new music is best described as … left field pop

I would love to collaborate with … Maren Morris and Harry Styles. Love the idea of living in the songwriter/country world.

My proudest music moment is … being true to my artistic vision and opening an honest conversation about femininity.

Outside of music my proudest moment is … being able to accept love and love in return.

Success is … being happy and still motivated to do more.

The best advice I’ve been given is … stay honest and create sentiment.

My first memory is … walking around the backyard in my parents’ house on Belmont Ave. in Phoenix, AZ in jelly sandals.

I can’t live without … my alone time.

My new album, Like a Woman, is here! Check it out on @Spotify now.

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I am inspired by … dogs, being really in love, feeling warm, and everything that makes me feel the opposite of those things.

My style is … like a fancy boy.

My pet peeve is … nail biting.

My most treasured possession is … my bob

My guilty pleasure is … online shopping before I go to bed. Ughhhhh

The fashion essential I can’t live without … oversized button down

My favourite thing to have for breakfast … SWEET POTATOES AND BROCCOLI. EVERY DAY.

My ideal way to spend a Friday night … sleeeeeeeeeping

Best book I’ve read … Just Kids (but to be honest, I really can’t pick favorites of anything, so all of these answers will probably be completely different tomorrow)

Favourite movie … Alice in Wonderland (the animated Disney version)