5 Thai Adventures You Need to Experience

Most people who vacation in Thailand explore very little of the country. They’ll stick to the resorts, the beaches and the warm blue water. There’s nothing wrong with all that but for those who have a more adventurous side, Thailand has far more on offer than just sunbathing and tourist traps. The hills and mountains of this beautiful country are home to a myriad of stunning trails just waiting for an intrepid traveller to set foot on them. We bring you 5 of the best treks in Thailand – scroll down to begin your adventure.

1. The Golden Triangle

Length: 4 days | Difficulty: Moderate

Golden-Triangle elephant

This trek has a little something for everybody. Karen hill tribe villages, caves inhabited by Buddhist monks, the Burma border market and The Golden Triangle – the place where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.

2. Chiangdo Mountain Trek

Length: 3 days | Difficulty: Strenuous


The Chiangdo Mountain trail will require a little more from you than just strolling through the bush. While it falls well short of mountaineering, you will be hiking along mountain ridges – uphill for much of the way. The spectacular views and remote villages make it all worth it though.

3. Doi Inthanon Mountain Explorer

Length: 2 days | Difficulty: Moderate


Walk through pine forest and jungle, visit remote pagodas and bathe by beautiful waterfalls. This experience is a nature lovers dream.

4. Forest Trek, Erawan National Park

Length: 3 days| Difficulty: Light


This is the option for those who like a little more luxury in their adventures. After days filled with kayaking, viewing prehistoric caves and Buddhist shrines deep in the jungle, you can spend the night at a luxury resort on the iconic River Kwai.

5. Trekking and Caving in Soppong

Length: 5 days| Difficulty: Moderate


Caving, river crossings and an overnight stay in a tribal hill village – this excursion is cut out for those who are prepared to embrace everything that the Thai wilderness has to offer.

These 5 are only a small sample of the adventures that Thailand has to offer – the best way to discover more is simply to experience the country firsthand.