5 Ways Supermarkets Make You Spend More

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Supermarkets use a slew of tactics to get shoppers to spend more, and a report from the UK Groceries Code Adjudicator reveals how supermarkets position products and lay out stores to entice customers to spend more. Here are five cheeky ways supermarkets manage to nab more of your paycheck:

1. Flowers by the door

Having flowers by the door immediately brightens shoppers’ moods and puts them in a positive mindset, which in turn allows them to look at more products than they come in to buy.

2. Sneaky locations

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Ever wondered why milk and eggs and bread are so damn far away? That’s to ensure you trawl through the rest of the supermarket and are exposed to more items. It also contributes to that feeling of bewilderment at the checkout when you end up with milk, eggs, bread, a 2L bottle of juice, some instant pasta, instant coffee and a couple bags of Skittles.

3. Store layout

Expanding on point 2, the layout of the store will often encourage you to move in a clockwise direction. Apparently, this helps spending habits. By “helps” they’re obviously referring to the executives of the supermarket, not your bank account.

4. Music

According to Martin Lindstrom, music has a big role in supermarket sales. He believes choosing songs with rhythms “slower than the average heartbeat” is the key to getting customers to spend more time and money when shopping. Probably because it causes you to slow down imperceptibly and spend more time in the aisles.

5. Targeting children

Possibly the most cheeky of this whole cheeky list, the big reason for kids causing more spending at a supermarket is because the things they want are at eye level and are reachable. The best examples of this are in the drinks aisle and the confectionery area. Brightly coloured items are attractive to kids, and your child is most likely considering how your trolley needs to experience more of them.

Photo credit: Savings Angel
Photo credit: Savings Angel

Have a look out for these next time you go shopping and try not to fall victim – stick to your list, plug some earphones in, and leave the young ones at home.