50 Shades of Interior Design

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, 50 Shades of Grey, the film adaptation of the bestselling book that become a global phenomenon, came out on Valentines day and has caused quite a stir with stories of people getting bottled in the face and box office records being set for an R18 movie.

We could discuss the low ratings on IMDB (coming down to an embarrassing 4 out of 10) OR we could inspect the luxury lineup of brands used for interior decoration on the sets.

Covet_ 50th shades 2

[columns_row width=”third”] [column]Boca-do-Lobo-Pixel-Adonized-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [column]brooklyn-Mini-bar-from-50-shades-of-grey-Boca-do-lobo[/column] [column]Burlesque-Console-from-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [/columns_row]

Selected to furnish Mr. Grey’s penthouse apartment, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu and Koket were found to be a perfect match with the story’s nature, and its main character’s extravagant ways, and millionaire taste. Each piece was carefully selected to fit it’s designated environment style, from bold and avant-garde, to organic and feminine, aiming to mirror the film and brands’ common qualities.

[columns_row width=”third”] [column]delice-chair-from-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [column]delightfull-amy-lamp-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [column]desire-chair-from-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [/columns_row]

With exceptional pieces such as Delightfull’s Turner Table and Ike Floor Lamp, both from the Vintage Collection, as well as Boca do Lobo’s audacious Diamond Sideboard, and eccentric Pixel Anodised Cabinet, Mr. Grey’s apartment has a strong contemporary design influence, yet with references to organic and feminine shapes, such as the Brabbu’s Sequoia Centre Table and Vellum Wall light, and Koket’s Burlesque Console and Hypnotic Chandelier. This idiosyncratic combination is believed to ensure a timeless and unique décor, in what will be a set of rooms viewed by millions in the years to come.

[columns_row width=”half”] [column]desire-sofa-chair-from-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [column]Eternity-wall-piece-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [/columns_row]

While these design features may not improve the thin story or distract from the male lead’s lack of charisma, they’ll certainly provide a little extra eye candy.

Covet_ 50th shades 1

[columns_row width=”half”] [column]Guilt-wall-piece-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [column]Hypnotic-ceiling-light-from-50-shades-of-grey[/column] [/columns_row]