6 Women Who Went Bald for Art

Most of us would think at least twice before shearing off our locks. Our hair is an integral part of our look, our identity. But these brave women took the leap and not only shaved their heads but looked fantastic while doing it. Perhaps a fashion phenomenon waiting to happen…?

1. Demi MooreDemi-Moore

G.I. Jane features perhaps one of the more iconic moments in modern cinema, when Moore’s character Jordan O’Neil shaves her own head in defiance of the brutally misogynist actions displayed by her superior officers. The look of determination on her face made the scene instantly memorable.

2. Sigourney WeaverSigourney-Weaver bald

Sigourney has a habit of playing characters who are tough, capable and gutsy. Ellen Ripley, of the Alien franchise, is no exception. While Ripley had a full 80’s style head of hair in the first two films, for Alien 3 audiences were treated to a grimmer, more determined look for Sigourney.

3. Cynthia NixonCynthia-Nixon

Most well known for her role as Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City, Cynthia went bald not for a screen project but a theatre role. In 2012 she played Vivian Bearing in Wit, an intelligent, articulate and terminally ill English professor, garnering much praise for the demanding role.

4. Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett bald

There are not many actresses today who command the respect that Cate Blanchett does. A giant of screen and stage, she consistently chooses excellent productions to display her talents. In Heaven, Cate shaved her head to portray a woman driven to take extreme action to revenge the death of her husband.

5. Charlize Theroncharlize theron

You might think that someone renowned worldwide for her beautiful golden locks would be reluctant to cut them all away – but Charlize rocks the shorn look in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. She plays Imperator Furiosa, a ferocious woman who meets up with the titular Max on his travels.

6. Natalie PortmanNatalie-Portman-bald

Portman arguably pulled off the close cropped look better than anyone else, continuing to keep her hair short for some time after V for Vendetta, the film that required her to have her hair cut off onscreen, while breaking down and crying. In spite of the pressure, she pulled off the scene perfectly.

What would it take for you to shave your head? Would you do it for charity, solidarity, art or just for a fashion statement?