7 Cycle Tours for Your Bucket List

Cycle trips represent the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. The open road of a foreign country stretching out in front of you and the knowledge that you can take time to let everything soak in, rather than just racing by, speaks of ultimate freedom. We bring you 7 cycle routes you must explore.

1. Danube Cycle Path (Germany/Austria/Slovakia/Hungary)


Follow the most iconic river in Europe on an international odyssey from the Bavarian town of Passau to picturesque city of Budapest. Ride past castles, monasteries and vinyards on your way through a classic slice of Europe.

2. Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


The variety of this route is mind boggling. From cycling alongside rural rice fields to snorkeling off the Hon Gom peninsula to visiting 13th century Hindu temples, the journey from capital to ex-capital will constantly amaze you.

3. Munda Biddi Trail (Australia)


1000 kilometres of undeveloped natural surroundings, plants and wildlife seen nowhere else – for those who are looking to get away from it all, this is the way to go. And if the distance is daunting, know that you can easily access the track by road at any point.

4. Loire Valley (France)


When you think of a classic sun-drenched European cycle tour, it’s probably the Loire Valley providing your mental images. This is chateau, wine and sunflower country, dotted with tiny rural towns. Take it easy and soak in the best France has to offer.

5. The Old Ghost Road (New Zealand)


Before you go racing off overseas (and you should!), there’s a world class cycle trail in your own backyard. Ride past mining relics of a bygone era, through giant podocarp rainforests and deep river gorges. Experience New Zealand in an entirely fresh way.

6. Carretera Austral (Chile)


Prepare yourself for an epic journey through remote wilderness. Most of the road is just graded gravel; you’ll be travelling through national parks that see very few humans. The scenery is austere and majestic – just make sure you take everything you need as you’ll be a long way from any support.

7. The Amber Route (Poland/Czech Republic/Austria/Slovenia/Italy/Croatia)


Trace the steps of ancient Romans as you take a route that was once used to bring precious amber down from the north. See the best of Eastern Europe as you cycle through regions soaked in historical significance.