5 Foods to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a new year – maybe you made some hasty resolutions about health and exercise in 2015 but you’re unsure if your resolve will stick around. Perhaps you just want to feel a little better in yourself. Whatever the case, we’ve hunted out 5 foods that are easy to find, simple to prepare and delicious to eat – that are also ridiculously good for you. Which of these will feature in your diet this year?

1. SalmonAtlantic-Salmon

As if you needed another reason to eat more salmon. Raw, baked or pan fried to perfection, salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, lowering the risk heart attacks and reducing blood pressure. It’s also high in vitamin D and a great source of protein.

2. BroccoliBroccoli-wide

While it may be harder to get excited about broccoli (with some of us still nursing a childhood aversion to the vegetable), when prepared correctly it can be a real delight as well as a source of vitamins C and K. Try microwaving as opposed to steaming, to retain more nutritional goodness.

3. Blueberriesblueberries

Ever heard of phytonutrients? Neither had we. All you need to know is that blueberries are full of them, and they play a big role in preventing diabetes, heart disease and some kinds of cancer. Blueberries are also relatively low in calories, so throw some in your smoothie or use them as a healthy snack.

4. Avocado

AvocadoAvocados are in season right now which is fantastic as they provide your diet with good fats that keep your cholesterol down and just one avo gives you almost half your daily folate requirement, keeping your heart disease risk down. Cut some into a salad for a beta-carotene boost or mash one up with garlic, lemon juice and salsa for a guacamole that your friends will demolish.

5. Chicken breast

chicken_breast_raw_998010171They may not be the trendiest health food around, but chicken breasts are a brilliant source of phosphorus which is instrumental in tooth and bone health. Plus, just one serving containts a quarter of the vitamin B6 you need daily to keep your brain and immune system in good shape.

There’s no need to pay excessive prices for the latest “superfoods” from some remote corner of the world – just by including the everyday foods above in your diet, you can start on your journey to a healthier you.