7 Reasons To Wake Up Earlier

What if there was a way to look better, lower stress levels, increase productivity and be healthier all at once? What if it doesn’t explicitly require you to do anything? Would you do it?

Women’s Health says that “A growing body of research demonstrates that early risers have advantages when it comes to their energy levels, moods, and workout habits.”

So all you need to do is set your alarm an hour earlier each day. It’s a bit hard at first, as you’re losing an hours sleep, but your body will adjust to the new rhythm and you’ll most likely start going to sleep roughly an hour earlier to compensate. Here are 7 reasons you should at the very least give it a go.

1. You’ll have time for breakfast1-best-time-for-a-healthy-breakfast-is-before-you-workout

A good breakfast is key for starting the day as it gives you the boost you need to clear your sleep-addled mind and the energy to get right through to lunch. You’ll be in a better mood and the extra hour can also give you enough time to make it healthier, and maybe even a healthy lunch too.

2. Less crowds

If you keep your current routine (including breakfast, of course) and leave in the same amount of time you used to, you’ll inevitably beat traffic and crowds on the way in to work. Less lines in your favourite morning coffee stop too, and this translates into less overall stress. No worrying about being late, easy trips into the office, enjoying a lovely cappuccino, it’s looking better already!

3. More time to look better


An extra hour in the mornings can also be put to use in keeping yourself looking good. Suddenly you have time to floss, shine your shoes, do your hair, whatever it is you may do in the mornings that all too often gets left out. All these things show, but the best bit is that by knowing you look good, you’ll feel good. That’s much more noticeable –  someone with nice hair and nice breath radiates more success, productivity and internal happiness than a person looking disheveled with an un-ironed shirt.

4. Get inspiredwonderful-good-morning-sunrise-widescreen-high-definition-wallpaper-for-background-free-photos

A lot of early risers have said the morning hours are a good catalyst for inspiration. If you’re a creative person, perhaps with an idea for a new novel or piece of artwork burning away at the back of your brain, or someone with an aptitude for thinking outside the box, hauling yourself out of bed and into the morning air might give your imagination and innovation the jump-start it needs.

5. Silence


If your house is usually a bit rambunctious then use the morning to take a breather. Enjoy the birdsong, the bustle of the streets or the fresh country air. No matter where you are, quietness and solitude of the early morning can help wring out any tension you may carry or just give you enough space to reflect on things.

6. The sunrise

So many people miss the glory of the sunrise. It’s more often than not an incredible sight that happens every day. Watching the midnight blue fade through to the bright yellow of the morning sun is an incredible sight. If its a slightly overcast day it’s even better – the light piercing the clouds looks like an oil painting from the Renaissance.

7. Get active

You can kill the three previous birds with one stone here. I don’t need to preach how good getting active is for you, but doing it in the early mornings wakes you up, freshens you up (after the shower), lowers stress levels and boosts your mood. Just don’t go too hard or you’ll get tired before the day is done, but otherwise exercising in the morning is fantastic for both physical and mental health.


So there you go, 7 great reasons to wind back the alarm and get amongst the earlybirds!

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