Here Are the 7 Travel Destinations Everyone Is Visiting This Season

In the northern hemisphere it’s entering into spring, while it’s well and truly autumn here in the southern hemisphere. Either way, it’s time for a change of scenery to break up the mundane.

We’ve pulled together 7 destinations compiled via data from All of these destinations scored higher during the spring season in the northern hemisphere than during any other season according travelers, making this the definitive list for travel this season.

Holbox Island, Mexico

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Home to flamingos and pelicans, it isn’t Florida, it’s Holbox island in Yum Balam Nature Reserve in Mexico. Only 42km long it’s a small speck of paradise where you can relax in crystal clear oceans or tan up under the endless blue sky with a cocktail.

The streets are made of white sand, and the locals make their living fishing off the coast. Despite it’s popularity it’s still considered a “virgin” tourist destination.

Polignano a Mare, Italy

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Located on the Adriatic Sea in Italy, Polignano a Mare is a 34km drive from the metropolitan of Bari. There’s plenty to see and do in the ancient city, and if you’re adventurous you could explore the caves that are riddled in the cliff face the city is built on.

Kinsale, Ireland

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A more wistful and out of the way locale for people who truly want to get away from the hustle and bustle. History buffs will love the two 17th century castles in the area as well as the 16th century courthouse.

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Famous for its Spanish colonial era architecture Antigua Guatemala is ringed by volcanoes. A favourite among tourists is the elaborate Semana Santa religious festival during lent.

Lynton, Great Britain

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Lynton is a quaint town with plenty of restaurants and a spectacular view from its clifftop perch. There are plenty of tramps and walks in the area, populated by the local wild goats.

Jasper, Canada

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For people who want a little more nip in the air there’s the alpine hikes in Jasper Canada in the national park. While you’re there jump on the skytram to get amazing views from the top of Whistlers Mountain.

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

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In Bulbaria, nestled in a mountain range on the edge of the Topolnitsa River is the historic town of Koprivshtitsa. Every five years the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore takes place in the town, which is privy to a large number of architectural monuments and cultural artifacts.