10 baby names you should definitely not call your child

More traditional baby names have been having a moment for a while now. In fact the 100 most popular baby names for 2015 show names ending with an ‘a’ are the most popular, especially if your baby is a girl. Think names like Amelia, Olivia, or Isla.

For boys, names are also staying with a pretty traditional bent. Oliver, Jack and Harry take out the top three slots, although coming up through the ranks are George, Oscar and James.

But for those who feel this return to tradition might be a bit too restrictive, taking a more ‘creative’ approach has definitely resulted in some, ahem, interesting choices.

Reddit users have put together a list of 20 of the worst baby names they’ve heard in 2016, some which lend themselves to be mutated so badly in the pronunciation, you can only feel sorry for the poor child who’s been unfortunate enough to be landed with such a moronic moniker.

Taking out the number one slot: Elizabreth. Reddit users say this one is a total mess because it so easily becomes The Lizard Breath.

Misspellings were also a popular choice: Mhavryck (Pronounced ‘Maverick’) and Aliviyah (Pronounced ‘Olivia).

Other ‘inspired’ names that made the list were Baby (that’s the name), Little Sweetmeat (?) and Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards).

Some made slightly more ‘edgy’ choices: Danger and Harley-Quinn. While others have gone for just plain terrible: Colon, Jarica, JaMocha and Appaloosa for a girl.

Predictably, Kim and Kanye’s kids names North West and Saint West made the list as well – although, no surprises there, right?!

Top 10 of the worst names as voted by Reddit users:

1. Elizabreth
2. Mhavryck
3. Aliviyah
4. Baby
5. Little Sweetmeat
6. Nevaeh
7. Danger
8. North West
9. Harley-Quinn
10. Beberly