72 new emojis are finally here!

Emoji lovers you’re about to be hit with 72 new emojis that will take your texting experience to the next level – or if not that at least you’ll have new ways to show you’re rolling on the floor laughing, taking a selfie or having a total face-palm moment.

New emojis to better reflect both genders have also been included like the groom to match the bride, a male dancer to match the salsa dancer and a Mrs Claus to match Santa. A prince has also been included to match the crowned woman.

One proposed emoji that didn’t make the cut is that of a rifle. A group of emojis were proposed as part of a group representing Olympic sports ahead of the upcoming games but Buzzfeed reports both Apple and Microsoft argued against including the rifle.

There’s plenty of new food-related emojis to choose from too, including avocados, peanuts, croissants, bacon, pancakes and an egg.

Other new smiley and people emojis that will also make their debut: a Pinocchio face, a scary clown face, a sneezing face and a pregnant woman.

New expressions have also been included such as fingers crossed, a shrug and a handshake.

New drinks include a glass of water, champagne and whisky on the rocks.

Animal lovers have been kept happy with a cute group of critters added to the group including an octopus, a rhino, an owl, a gorilla and a duck.

For the alternative among us, there’s on emoji that’s been designed especially with you in mind: the black heart.

While Unicode Consortium, the official body responsible for controlling emoji standards across the industry released the 72 characters today, it may take manufacturers a little longer to add them to handsets.