Fashionable acne – ‘facne’ is now a thing

If you want to take your geek-chic game to the next level you’re going to have to rock bad skin.

We’re talking pimples, zits and acne-ridden faces here. Forget about prepping, priming and primping your skin to get that unattainable barely-there look, the ‘no-makeup look’ is literally now a fashionable ‘look’.

Fashionable acne – let’s call it ‘facne’ –  featured this week at Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

Malaysian designer Muto Guo, who presented his debut collection on Monday, sent models down the runway in his latest collection with faces covered with a healthy (or unhealthy) smattering of red, angry looking zits.

Natch, the ‘pimples’ were painted on – these are models after all.


The colourful and whimsical designer hasn’t commented on why he put pimples and pustules on the otherwise clear skins of his models.

The collection entitled “Picnic in the Society” saw models outfitted in a variety of looks complete with childlike pussy bows, oversized tweed trousers, and embroidered sweaters and even a twee knit bib that said ‘Time to Eat, Y’all.’

Referencing all things adolescent-oriented, the models also sported messy, mousey-coloured hair.

While ‘fake’ blemishes probably won’t be the next big makeup trend of 2016, fashion is having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now with ‘quirky weirdness’.

Other Italian designers to embrace this weird moment are Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Miuccia Prada at Mui Mui and Prada.