Game of Scones: the cookbook is coming

Winter is coming and so is Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine – the cookbook.

Well, actually the cookbook is already available but getting your hands on a copy before next week’s season finale might prove a bit tricky.

It’s a definite must for any die-hard fan with all recipes totally inspired by the show.

While it is a slim tome, there are plenty of tasty treats to be had. Anyone keen for Tyrion Shortbreads? White Walker Walnut Whips? Or the hilarious looking Jon Snow’s Crow-Nuts.

The book written by ‘Jammy Lannister’ makes the claim its author lost his right hand in a tragic accident involving spun-sugar, who then went on to become the greatest left-handed whisker this side of the Narrow Sea.

According to the the cookbook features recipes for sweet treats inspired by all corners, and characters, of the Seven Kingdoms.

If you need baking  inspo check out the pictures below to see some literally quite awesome Game Of Thrones-inspired treats.



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We made ‘Iron Scones’ and The Wall for tonight’s Game of Thrones ? #GameofThrones #gameofscones #baking

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The Iron Scone. #GameOfScones

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