9 Hot Design Ideas to Reinvent Your Home

Sometimes it doesn’t take an entire makeover to create a different room. It can just take one amazing focus piece to bring new energy into any space. The experts at fine furniture importers, Sarsfield Brooke share with us 9 amazing products that will define your home.

“Incorporate ‘futuristic’ elements in your home to show personality and a flare for design but to keep it truly modern, you just want to scatter a few futuristic pieces amongst other softer furnishings. There’s nothing modern about living in a theme room. Lights and small side tables are great pieces with which to approach this style.”
– Donna Higginson, Sarsfield Brooke.SarsfieldBrooke_Mirror

Mirror, POA, by Arte Veneziana, from Sarsfield Brooke.


London Dining Table, POA, by La Galeria, from Sarsfield Brooke.


Wilson Armchair, POA, by Marac, from Sarsfield Brooke.


Filo Pendent, POA, by Penta 1, from Sarsfield Brooke.



Cryon Pendant, POA, by Penta of Italy, from Sarsfield Brooke.


CDA Chest of Drawer, POA, by Arte Veneziana, from Sarsfield Brooke.


Tobia Side Table, POA, by Antonello Italia, from Sarsfield Brooke.


Art.00007 Make Up Console, POA, by Arte Veneziana, from Sarsfield Brooke.



Sansone Classic Sofa, POA, by Opera Contemporary, from Sarsfield Brooke.