Reminder: A breakfast bowl is better when it’s not boring

It’s more than cold out right now – it’s freezing. Getting out of bed most mornings is a struggle. The worst of it is when faced with breakfast options, there are only two options in the cupboard – boring oats or boring muesli.

But forget about another morning of breakfast bowl dread. These delicious alternatives will not only warm you up, they’ll get you bounding out of the house with unbridled energy to greet the day ahead.

Toasting your oats first will give them a delicious nutty flavour and when cooked it will come out super fluffy. Pair your nutty oaty yumminess with coconut yoghurt and some fresh blueberries, serve in a pretty bowl, scatter over a few edible flowers and voila a breakfast bowl that will get you plenty of gram likes.


Ditch the oats altogether and go for quinoa. Quinoa is a protein packed super food and is a great one to get on the stove cooking while you are doing other things in the morning. Remember to always thoroughly wash and drain quinoa first before using. For extra creaminess cook with milk and water. Quinoa is great with chopped dates, a dash of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Serve with walnuts, or any chopped nuts and milk.

Polenta aka porridge Italians eat is a coarsely ground-type of cornmeal. There are no end of uses for it but as a breakfast it makes a delicious alternative, especially for those looking for gluten free options. Quick cook polenta is available but if you want to keep it really scrumptious, go for the coarser slower cooking variety. Served with full cream milk and some fresh fruit, a berry compote, would make this breakfast bowl truly to die for.

Amaranth porridge. Why use amaranth, you say politely, all the while thinking what the hell is it? I’ll answer the second question first. Amaranth is technically not a grain: it’s actually a seed of the amaranth plant. Similar in texture to quinoa, amaranth is gluten free and is loaded with protein, and unlike most grains which are short on lysine, this little seed is packed with the amino acid which makes it a complete protein. Cook it much the same as porridge; it cooks well with a half water half milk mixture. Apples and pears stewed with maple syrup take this breakfast combo to the next level.