Summer bodies are made in winter: 7 Ways to get in shape when you’ve well and truly fallen off the fitness wagon

Why oh why does the statement ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ have so much truth to it?

It’s an unarguable proposition really: living by the more literal meaning of ‘Netflix and chill’, and abandoning a workout regime will inevitably equal unwanted ‘evidence’.

Hitting the gym at this time of year means shedding clothing and, ahem, perhaps shattering the fragile bubble of denial that you, me, everyone else has been protecting themselves with. (Oh fluorescent lighting, why do you have to be so harsh?)

Here are a few ways that might encourage you to revisit those fitness goals, and remember summer is only 160 days away.

1.Ease yourself back into a fitness programme with a 10 minute-a-day workout. Use technology as your friend and download an app. Three recent recommendations are Sworkit, Pilates Core and 7 Minute Workout.

2.Make exercise a morning priority. While it might be a bit harder to get out of bed in the morning, as the saying goes – done is better than good. The best intentions to hit the gym after work can easily get derailed and by making exercise part of a morning routine, you’re less likely to skip it for other obligations. Studies suggest the body does adjust and might even surpass its afternoon performance peak.

3. New gym clothes. Splurge if it makes you feel better or take the discount route via one of the chains, either way updating your workout wardrobe will help with motivation.

4. Youtube it with the best of them. Try these killer ab and arm or leg and butt workouts:


Take a leaf from model fit full body workouts:


5.Try a new class. There are so many new ways get fit without hitting the treadmill. Adult ballet kills it for poor posture, and standing straighter has been proven to have positive effect on self-perception.

6. Get an accountibili-buddy. Grab a friend and tell them what you plan on doing to get yourself back into some sort of fitness regime. It’s a lot harder to wiggle out of a commitment if you’ve told someone what you’re going to do.

7. Eat. That’s right. Eat. But make sure you eat well. Of course, comfort food in winter is a must – there’s no way salad is appealing at this time of year – but a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference. Try kumara toast instead of bread for lunch, or make a salad using quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice as low-carb options.