If you want to lose weight you need to follow the ‘body coach’s’ advice

Meet the man who is ‘trying to get the whole world lean’ – Joe Wicks. Wicks is a 30-year-old British personal trainer who became an Internet sensation after his 15-second videos showing people how to cook healthy and get lean  became a hit on Instagram.

He’s also a best-selling published author. His first book Lean in 15: 15 minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy was released last year and Wick’s is back with round two: Lean in 15: The Shape Plan. Released earlier this month, The Shape Plan offers more of Joe’s diet and exercise advice with a focus building lean muscle through resistance training and diet.


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Taking a less serious approach to diet and exercise than some, Wicks’ said he tries to have fun and to not come across as “too preachy.”

“As a plus, the recipes are so easy. It truly is a 15 minute meal.”

Part of Wicks’ philosophy includes ditching calorie counting and stepping away from the scales, which he calls the “sad step.”

Wicks’ told nzherald.co.nz that everyday weigh-ins were pointless.

“If you focus on the quality of the food you’re cooking and train hard then ‘the rest of it takes care of itself.’”

Wicks – a self-proclaimed food lover said his approach to exercise was to “smash it.”

“I literally do just 25 minutes. I get in there, smash it, I feel like I am going to pass out but I know that once I’ve done it, I can enjoy my day and eat more food. And that’s way I love. I love food.”


While the personal trainer is a living testament to his lifestyle – hello abs for days – he said the occasional burger and drink has been known to pass his lips.

“A little blowout now and again. Just to prove that you can still have fun and still have a lean body.”