Why going to the supermarket sucks

No matter how prepared you are to take on the supermarket – you’ve written the list, picked a great time of day – for some reason it’s never an easy experience.

Whether it’s a big annoyance such as having to park in a spot that seems like it’s miles from the main door or that most of the checkout lines have long queues, supermarket shopping can sometimes, let’s be truthful here, always, be a real drag.

According to data released by an Australian research company there are plenty of shoppers feel peeved about. The company asked 3000 shoppers to name their biggest complaints they had with the supermarkets they shopped with, but cost of groceries was left out because, let’s face it who doesn’t feel annoyed by that!

The results? Turns out the number one complaint was checkout queues. 24 per cent of respondents named this as their biggest gripe when it came to supermarket shopping.

The second biggest annoyance for 22 per cent of shoppers turned out to be sold-out items. No surprises there, finding your item is out of stock can send the best of us into an apoplectic fit of anger – well, some of us anyway.

Other issues which rated were annoyances with other customers especially those who block aisles and their naughty children. Problems with self-service checkouts came in fourth at 10 per cent.

The research also revealed a few interesting points of difference as well: men are more likely to complain about checkout queues, but women are more likely than men to be stressed about items being sold out.

It also turns out men are more likely to get angry when they can’t find an assistant but women are more likely than men to get annoyed by other shoppers.

Age played a part in the results too. It turns out the older we get, the more frustrated we are by queues. But it turns out only 15 per cent of 18 – 29 year olds found queues annoying. But younger shoppers were also more likely to complain about store layout or self-service machines.

While this an Australian study, we think the results would more than likely be pretty similar here to.