A Bachelorette Opened Up About Her Struggle Of Past Heartbreak

Fleur is the bubbly, confident bachelorette on the show, but behind it all is a woman who was “left depressed” after she separated from her former boyfriend. The Dutch-native has shared these intimate details on the show when she talked about her past relationships and the boyfriend who treated her “like sh*t”.

She opened up on her blog, where she shared some of her deeper feelings.

“I remember the feeling of not knowing how I would ever get through the heartbreak, to even make it through the next hour (or minute)… but I did.

There were moments when I didn’t think the pain would ever subside, that I would be hurting forever, but things did get better and one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other I made it, 365 days later.”

“A year ago I felt like I had nothing. I had left behind the person I loved so very much. I had no career, no house, no car, no money and I would often lie in bed, curtains closed, and cry, feeling depressed and alone.

Simple things such as getting out of bed cost me so much energy, that the idea of getting a job and moving on completely paralyzed me.”

Everyone can relate to this after a heartbreak, whether it was to this extent or something similar. Now, Fleur is a back fighting for love on the Bachelor and has fast become a fan favourite and top pick for the win.