A Recent Survey Found Out How Much Looks Count for Landing a Job, And It’s Shocking

I’m going to disclaimer this one right from the start so we all maintain a critical eye. These results were put out by RealSelf, which is a cosmetics treatment company.

What the blind survey of 400 men and women found was that people judge books and employees by their covers.

  • Women who had a chin implant, nose job, or the injectable filler Voluma scored higher in their after photos, with particular jumps in how creative, motivated, and trustworthy people thought they appeared.
  • Women with chin implants were seen as more motivated (the average score went up by 15% between the before and after photos), trustworthy (+16%), and friendly (+16%).
  • Women with nose jobs were seen as more competitive (+14%), motivated (+14%), and creative (+7%)
  • Women with Voluma had the most dramatic increases: trustworthy (+35%),competitive (+33%), creative (+31%), friendly (+31%), and motivated (+35%).

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However what the survey didn’t measure was competence and actual skill for the job at hand. So let’s not go belittling our CV’s any time soon.