A Teacher Told a Toddler to use his Right Hand because Left is “Evil”

Alisha Sands’ 4-year-old son Zayde has always used his left hand to write and colour in. However, he started attempting to do his homework with his right hand.

She told NewsChannel 4,

“I just asked ‘Is there anything his teachers ever asked about his hands?’ And he raises this one and says this one’s bad.”

His preschool teacher told him to write with his right hand because being left-handed is satanic.

She demanded an explanation from Zayde’s teacher at Oakes Elementary School to which he brought the following article that claims lefties are “unlucky”, “sinister” and to do with the devil.

Picture of letter sent home with 4-year-old boy.  Courtesy: Alisha

Picture of letter sent home with 4-year-old Zayde. Courtesy: Alisha

Sands went to the superintendent with the article but to her surprise, “There was no suspension of any kind. There was basically nothing done to this teacher. She told them she though I needed literature on it.”

NewsChannel 4 called the school but was told the superintendent was out Monday. They were transferred to the principal at Oakes Elementary only to be hung up on before they asked any questions.

Zayde has attended the school for two months but he will most likely be transferring. Sands is going to file a formal complaint with the Oklahoma Board of Education.