Adele Helps Fan Pull Off An Epic Leap Year Proposal

Adele kicked off her first tour since 2011 in Belfast last night in bespoke Burberry, dazzling her audience and even initiating a leap year proposal.

The award-winning singer asked her 11,000-person audience whether anyone needed any help proposing to their man on the special day. The lucky fan was Neil from Essex, who joined Adele on stage with his girlfriend.

Neil’s girlfriend revealed that she had already asked him to marry her that morning, and Neil had responded with a hesitant – maybe.

It looks like Neil was still a little hesitant at the concert but the singer made Neil feel the love, leading the crowd to chant “Come on Neil”.

She also encouraged him to say yes by telling him “I’ve got cameras all around here. I’m making a DVD. I’m going to make you the front cover if you don’t do it.”

OF course, Neil finally said yes. Perhaps he just wanted to make his beloved girlfriend sweat a little.

Watch the proposal here, it begins around 2.20.