The Latest News In Body-Positive Advertising Will Make Your Day

There is a popular belief that in order to sell clothes models in advertisements have to be slim, toned, and leggy. However, Aerie’s campaign has crushed this belief after the brands body-positive campaign resulted in through-the-roof-sales over the past 12 months.

The brands pro-real women, pro-body positivity and pro-all shapes and sizes approach to advertising featured real women without any photo-shopping – and it worked.

According to the latest report, the lingerie brand’s 2015 sales were up 20% and they had a 13% increase in its new customer base.

Also, the brand is a division of American Eagle, and in 2015 Aerie accounted for an estimated $260 million of the company’s sales.

Looks like the Aerie campaign has got it right, the real you is sexy. Now all we need is more brands to follow in the footsteps of Aerie and Lonely and feature real women.