All-You-Can-Eat Chicken at KFC for the Colonel’s Birthday

In celebrating Colonel Sanders’ birthday, there is an all-you-can-eat deal for the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken on September 9th.

Sorry about the anti climax – but only the Japanese “Uncle Kentucky” will be dishing this generous offer. Diners will have as many fries and soft drink refills as they wish and women get a free dessert. The cost for adults is 1,500 yen (NZD $20) while kids in elementary school can eat for 1,000 yen.


Younger children can eat for free. If you’re in Tokyo tomorrow here are the branches that will be serving this offer:

● Gotanda
● Gakugei Daigaku
● Yutenji
● Heiwajima
● Omori Nishiguchi
● Denen Chofu
● Sangenjaya
● Kyodo
● Seijo
● Ebisu Ekimae
● Tobu Nerima Ekimae

The meal is limited to 45 minutes.