Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend’s Mum “Took It Too Far” And It Will Make Your Day

When you son starts to date a celebrity there are a few things you need to understand and consider, however, it seems one mum did not quite get it right.

Amy Schumer and boyfriend Ben Hanisch are super cute, something that everyone can agree on. The only issue with this is that every one wants to know everything about their relationship.

Amy warned Ben’s mum about this, however she took it to the next level. Amy explained the situation to Jimmy Kimmel on The Tonight show.

I told her, “Deb, they’re going to call you. Just say ‘no comment.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, I got it, Amy. Don’t you worry. No comment. Not a problem.”

“Not even 10 minutes later I get a Google alert from Time magazine that Deb was like, ‘I’ve never heard of her before in my life!'”

Look like Deb took it a little too far…Of course, this was all for the absolute cutest reason!

Watch the interview here.