Anne Hathaway Wrecks Miley Cyrus

If the world needs anything right now, it’s probably not a lip synced version of Miley Cyrus’s sultry ode to the demolition industry. But if anyone is going to take on Miley’s sophisticated dramatic nuances it’s surely got to be an Oscar winner right? Luckily, Anne Hathaway was on hand with slicked back hair, tank top, tear away pants and most importantly a wrecking ball.

Unfortunately this wasn’t a random lip sync but part of a new show out of the US called ‘Lip Sync Battle.’ There’s really not too much more to say in that respect other than to speculate how long it will be until Mediaworks unleashes a ‘Lip Sync Battle NZ.’

Back onto the matter at hand and while we are no experts in the art of dancing with heavy equipment it looks like Hathaway can teach Cyrus a thing or two.