Another Bachelorette Refuses a Rose

Defying the rule that only the Bachelor can choose who goes home, Bachelor NZ contestant Danielle Le Gallais turned down Art’s offer of a rose on Tuesday night, eliminating herself from the show. Danielle said she was genuinely looking for love, “but unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to get there, so unfortunately I can’t accept the rose tonight.”

The 33 year old single mother kicked up a storm of controversy earlier when it came to light that she was a convicted fraudster, one of two contestants on the show who had past criminal convictions. She is now the second bachelorette to turn down a rose on the NZ series, after Rosie opted to leave last week.

It’s encouraging to see that instead of a cutthroat race to the top (which is pretty standard for most reality shows) that there are women on the Bachelor NZ making honest life choices, even if that means eliminating themselves from the show.