Ariel Winter Shares The Heartbreaking Story About Her Emancipation From Her Mother

Growing up is tough, particularity when you are in the limelight from such a young age. But Ariel Winter not only had the struggle of growing up in the limelight from age four, she also had to do it under incredibly difficult and straining terms.

“It’s most definitely hard to grow up in the industry but just grow up in any instance without a mother and it has been very sad, but at the same time it has been much better for me emotionally and physically to be on my own and have a better and safer household and support system,” she told Ellen.

The 18-year-old Modern Family actress lived under temporary custody of her sister from 14 years old, then when she was 17 her sister was granted permanent custody.

She was then emancipated from her mother.

“To move forward with the process and end it all together we got me emancipated,” she said.

The emancipation made the media in May last year, with allegations that it was spurred by emotional and physical abuse. However, for good reason this is not something Ariel likes to go on about.

“I don’t really talk about the reason I don’t speak to my mother. It’s kind of been publicised, but the reason I don’t really share that is because I want to give her the same respect that she didn’t give to me publicly.”

Ariel’s mother however has no problem speaking out and went on Dr Phil, where she tried to show her side of the story.

“It just really didn’t try to fix anything with me it just tried to make herself look better and I’m not interested in doing that,” Ariel said.

“I did what I had to do for myself.”

Ariel’s mother put her into the industry when she was four years old, something that the actress admits has been tough.

“I think when you are four years old you don’t really know anything that you want to do, you want to be everything.”

“Not to say that this isn’t my passion and I don’t love it, i do love it and i would love to continue doing it for the rest of my life, but i also love to explore other avenues.”

Watch the rest of the interview below.