Ashley Graham Has A New, Sexier Word For Plus-Size

Ashley Graham made history and showed the world just what she was made of when she appeared on one of the three Sports Illustrated covers.

The Sports Illustrated model, who is deemed plus-sized, appeared on Ellen this week and started a dialogue about body image and the way women are labeled.

Ashley told Ellen she has a better label for all of those that the fashion industry likes to call plus size, in other words anyone who wears a size 8 or higher!

“I like to call it, like, curvasexalicious,” she told Ellen.

“Sizing has gotten frightening, she continued, “There’s a double 0 now. It’s a little scary on both spectrums of weight. I’m not a promoter of anorexia. I’m not a promoter of obesity. I think we have to promote women to be healthy at every size as long as they’re getting off the couch and moving their body.”

Ashley confessed to Ellen that her confidence came once she embraced her curves, watch the full interview below.