Bananas Will Be Wiped Off the Earth

I love bananas – this news makes me very sad. The entire global supply of our potassium-filled yellow friends that are also the favourite snack of minions are under threat from a fungus epidemic.

Metro reports that approximately 10,000 hectares of banana plantations have been destroyed because of the Panama Fungus. It’s dangerous as almost all the bananas exported around the world are the same type – Cavendish Banana.

If the Cavendish becomes a fruit that exists only in history books, then there will be no other bananas – nothing can save us Bananageddon.

Dr Gert Kema told the BBC: ‘This does not mean that next week there will be no bananas in supermarkets in the UK.

‘This is going to take some time but that time is extremely pressing; we have nothing to replace the Cavendish right now.’

There are bananas aside from the Cavendish but they are mostly eaten locally and not exported.

Professor Adam Hart told the BBC: ‘The world would carry on if we lost bananas but it would be devastating for those who rely on it economically and very sad for those of us who enjoy eating them.’