Beauty Tutorial – The Natural Look & Smoky Eye

Sothys has created the perfect Make up collection for Beauty Therapists. A comprehensive collection of essential products of which all Women are loyal to. We may not be Beauty Therapists but we still want to know the tricks of the trade.

In keeping with the theme of creating multiple looks with minimal products the Make up range has been created to achieve many different eye looks which don’t require a plethora of products and can be created with just the universal eye pencil, translucent fixing powder, illuminating trio and mascara.


Step 1. Preparing the eyelid:

Apply a small amount of foundation to the eyelids and blend over the entire eyelid to even out eyelid tone. Apply Teint transparent with the powder brush to the entire eyelid. *If client has oily lids or is susceptible to creasing, skip the foundation and use purely teint transparent.

Step 2. Applying the universal eye pencil:

Apply the eye pencil as a series of dots almost between the lashes on the upper lashline. Blend the product with either the foam applicator on the eye pencil or the eye brush 20 with a back & forth movement. Work the product until blended evenly.

Step 3. Applying essential mascara:

Apply essential mascara on the upper lashes from the root to the tip with a zig zag movement. Have the client look down and support the eyelid whilst applying.

Apply only to the top lashes for a natural effect.



Step 1. Preparing the eyelid:

Apply teint transparent with the powder brush over the whole eyelid.

Step 2. Applying the pencil:

Apply the pencil with a back & forth movement over the whole upper eyelid. Use the eye brush 20 and work quickly to spread and smudge the product until there is a sheer and even coverage over the whole moveable eyelid up to the crease.

Apply the pencil to the entire lower lash line and smudge using eye brush 10 with back and forward moements.

Soften any hard lines with a cotton tip if necessary.

Step 3. Applying essential Mascara

Apply essential mascara generously to upper and lower lashes.