Being Annoyed by Chewing Noises is a Psychiatric Disorder

Do you get irritated by the irksome sounds of chewing and lip smacking? If so, you probably suffer from a psychiatric condition called Misophonia. It refers to the hatred of sound but it usually means you’re sensitive to certain types of noises – specifically the insufferable mouth noises.

Deducing from past experiments, those who have misophonia were constantly suppressing their anger as they knew their reaction would be deemed unreasonable and extreme.

However, Dr. Pawel Jastreboff suggests using desensitisation therapy by using positive reinforcement for negative triggers. He suggests eating your favourite food in the presence of a chewer, but that seems like it would reverse the intended effect. I’d probably throw my food at that intolerable spit-churner’s face.

Studies show that most of us our misophoniacs, however, we have varying degrees of tolerance. If you’re one who hates confrontation, you may damage your coping mechanisms by suppressing your urge to smack a chewer around the head. But then again, telling someone to shut up while they’re eating could come across as rude.