Best And Worst Foods for Boosting Libido

Since ages ago, certain foods have been used in certain ways to generate certain results. These branch from causing the regrowth of hair to skincare to sickness cures. They also extend into the realm of sex, in the form of aphrodisiacs. So, without further ado, here are some of the best foods to set sparks flying – and some of the ones to avoid.

Best: Strawberries    smoothies-with-strawberries-by-Green-Blender

Everyone knows strawberries are sexy. Strawberries and dark chocolate sauce have been a cornerstone of pre-bedroom tomfoolery since before taking your prom date to Makeout Point. However, despite being sensual in manner of consumption, these berries also contain Vitamin C and antioxidants, which have been linked to higher sperm counts in men. They also improve circulation which is good for sexual health in both men and women.

Best: Watermelonwatermelon

It might not spring to mind as a particularly sexy thing to eat, what with the juices running down your chin and all, but watermelon contains phytonutrients such as lycopene, beta carotene and citruline that all help relax blood vessels. This is one of the basic effects of Viagra and as such could well aid sexual libido.

Best: Fishfish-dish-7

Another contender for the “Would Not Pick as Aphrodisiac” award is fish. However, contrary to popular belief, fish can boost libido through the omega-3 fatty acid. Alongside numerous other health benefits, fish like tuna, mackerel or trout all contain high amounts of omega-3. If the taste of fish isn’t your thing, try a fish oil supplement.

Best: Chocolatechocolate

Another timeless classic in the repertoire of sexy foods, chocolate actually has scientific backing for being an aid in sexual wellbeing. Along with serotonin – a chemical that enhances feelings of happiness in the brain – chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a compound which releases the same endorphins that make us feel good during sex and intensify feelings of attraction between two people. For best results, use dark chocolate. However, be warned: too much chocolate can lower testosterone levels and cause a feeling of lethargy.

Worst: AlcoholAlcohol-11

Although not technically a superfood, alcohol rates as one of the more avoidable substances in the search for better sex and as such should be included in this list. While a glass of wine over dinner can loosen a person up a bit and help the flow of conversation, the phrase “too much of a good thing” comes to mind. Overindulgence of alcohol can lead to disastrous places, such as plummeting testosterone levels and an inability to perform, not to mention the safety issues surrounding alcohol and its ability to affect decision-making skills.

Worst: LicoriceLicorice

A high licorice intake can cause marked drops in men’s libido as it contains a natural ingredient called glycyrrhizin. This can cause testosterone levels to drop and libido to drop accordingly. Given that testosterone stimulates the growth of sperm, bulks up muscle mass and helps the growth of bones, if you just can’t live without your licorice fix it’s probably a good idea to hold off until afterwards.

Worst: Microwave Popcorn3020051-poster-1280-popcorn

“Coming over for a movie” is a popular by-phrase for an intimate night in, but watch out for the lure of microwave popcorn. Chemicals called perfluoroalkyl acids found in the inner lining of the microwave bags have been found to lower sperm counts and cause a lower sex drive. A good way to sidestep this is to make your own popcorn, which could impress your date as well taste that much better.

After all of this, it is important to remember that while these foods can make or break a night, nothing is a replacement for a generally healthy and well balanced diet, along with regular exercise.