Breaking: New Zealand Votes For The Old Flag

There we have it folks: we’ve got the old flag for the next… However many years it takes until we become a republic.

It’s been a funny story, hasn’t it? From the stonking $22mil fund devoted for the change, to the total farce of an open competition to find potential new flag designs, to the last minute addition of Red Peaks, to National going into crisis control and finally to John Key warning us that the next time we will have a chance like this is when we become a republic and succeed from Britain and the Commonwealth.

The Radio NZ poll from a few weeks ago turns out to have been correct, which is interesting, and goes to show the power of the people in a true democracy.

From what I’ve been hearing around the office and out on the street, a lot of people actually support a flag change but not the way the government went about it. “It’s a waste of money,” “the new flag doesn’t appeal to me so I don’t want it,” “the new flag should be more Maori,” all of these are valid criticisms and I’ve found myself supporting them as well. I have a great deal of national pride and patriotism for the current flag but I think a new one could be a welcome change. The government just went about it in the wrong ways.