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Wither Hills is in the business of making wines and it is something that they take seriously, but in order to talk about the brand, we need to also celebrate a couple of other great New Zealand companies. An award-winning architecture firm and an award-winning construction firm. This kind of trio doesn’t tend to have a long, ongoing relationship in the wine world but in the case of Wither Hills, the partnership has helped to create an ongoing element of the brand and has also formed the very real and physical foundation to the overall ethos of Made Beautifully


To further elaborate, you will notice that on the top of the new label is a golden copper tower – a representation of the high steepled architectural element from the winery. This makes sense as the label celebrates Wither Hill’s spiritual home and the land and the base of operations that makes them so unique. The building and the approach to getting it built is not only a work of art in its own right but it fits into the Wither Hills’ approach of harnessing the environment to make something stunning. 



And that’s probably an understatement for the four-storey 3,600-square-metre cellar door and 4,000-square-metre working winery. Designed by Jasmax Architecture and built by Robinson Construction, the project took over six years to complete. The challenges for the tilt panel construction, overclad with quarry stone and plaster included having to source 120 square metres of oak finishing timbers from America, and roofing materials, Rien Zinc from France with a three-month lead time. Also due to the lack of large cranes in Blenheim, Robinson needed to organise the size of panels and loads to be lifted around the availability of access to cranes.



But effort resulted in one of Marlbourgh’s most iconic structures and the prestigious New Zealand Master Builders Gold Award for a Retail and Commercial Project for Robinson. A real celebration for the concept of Made Beautifully


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