Calling All Makeup Lovers: New Beauty Collection

If you recognise these faces you would’ve probably seen some of their makeup tutorials on YouTube as famous beauty gurus Desi Perkins and Lustrelux.

Best friends Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot have worked on their first ever exclusive makeup collection for two years with Anna, the CEO of DOSE of Colors.

This collection is very unique to both of them and reflects their personalities and love of makeup in every piece. The names of every product represents who they are and the humour of their friendship. Makeup lovers everywhere need these items in their beauty collections and here’s why.

The Desi x Katy collection includes:

  1. Highlighters (Fuego & Mírame)
  2. An eyeshadow palette, with four beautiful colours (SUZ, HARPOON, TURBOSAN, NOLI)
  3. Liquid matte lipsticks (Hot Fire & Saváge )
  4. Classic lipsticks (No Shade & More Creamer Please)
  5. Lip gloss (Over The Top)

The highlighters come in ‘diamond effect’ compacts with rose gold metallic features. Both are highly pigmented and buildable for a ‘wet’ look (if you love an intense glow). Fuego has rose gold undertones that can be used for lighter skin and Mírame has bronze/gold undertones for tanned skin.

The eyeshadow palette has four shades. Desi and Katy calls this “the girls” which represents the names of their dogs. These shades are extremely pigmented, unique and two are meant to be used dry (as is) and the other two are used wet (with a drop of water) to make it metallic. They are best applied with your fingers to get beautiful, glittery eyelids.

The classic lipsticks come in soft matte packaging and are both nude shades. They are made with a new formula, the perfect combination of matte and shine.

The liquid lipsticks are very bold. Hot fire is a bright orange/coral shade. Saváge is a darker purple/red colour that looks very vampy but so elegant with just winged eyeliner and minimal eye-shadow.

The lipgloss is made to compliment the nude lipsticks, with hints of gold shimmer that is not too thick. It can be worn as a clear gloss and looks amazing in the light.

Their collection is soon to launch on 14 August and can be purchased on the DOSE of Colours website.