Check Up – March/April 2018

Keep your mind and body in check with these new wellness products.

More than a Number

When it comes to scales, there are a lot of conflicting opinions from wellness folk, many of whom are concerned at people simply focusing on the number and not other factors such as muscle. Scales, however, are often seen as a staple by those seeking to lose (or gain) some weight as it is an easy way to measure progress. A solution is a set of scales that is focused on more than just one number. The Fitbit Aria 2 is a scale that measure your weight, yes, but more than that, it calculates your body fat percentage – which is a good way to measure your health and monitor your wellbeing as it also takes into consideration essential body fat and gender. Simply download the app, enter your information (age, gender, height) and the scales do the rest. With this information, it can not only calculate your BMI, but also your lean mass and help you track your progress. Because, at the end of the day, health isn’t a number… it is what is good for your body.

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Bed of needles

Few of us would have thought that taking inspiration from Indian mysticism and willingly lying on 6000+ sharp spikes for ‘relaxation’ would become a popular pastime, but in 2018 it’s done just that. The Shakti Mat dates back thousands of years and embraces the ancient healing practice of acupressure, which is said to stimulate your body’s natural healing powers leaving your mind and body relaxed, less tense and it is even said to promote better sleep. It may seem like a step too far for even the most dedicated wellness guru, but once you get used to the initial discomfort, you are rewarded with a warming sensation over your back, relaxed muscles and less tension. Through word of mouth, five-star reviews and studies, there is plenty of support for the claims toward relaxation, improved sleep and reduced neck and back tension. Continuing with the ethos of happiness, the mats are ethically made by hand in India from 100 percent certified organic cotton, natural dyes and recyclable and durable ABS non-toxic plastic.


1. Start on a flat surface, with different thickness of layers to help you get used to the sensation and soon you will be work up to using it on a hard floor without any layers on.

2. Roll up a towel and lift the top of the mat to get it right into your neck and shoulders.

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Nature’s wellness

Every year there are new wellness trends we hear about over and over again, but this year, a favourite from last year is going the distance and still going strong – Probiotics.

There really is no stopping the demand for probiotics, with the global market predicted to exceed $64 billion by 2023, according to Global Market Insights Inc. And while this year is likely to bring all sorts of probiotic options, from tea and juice to drinkable vinegar, the best way to look after your gut health, immune system and digestive discomfort is to take a daily tablet. Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Mood + Immune focuses on immunity health as well as the connection between the gut and mental health and wellbeing. With four clinically researched strains of beneficial bacteria, you can support your mood in stressful situations and reduce stress-induced digestive imbalances, while also encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria that keeps your gut healthy and happy. $32.90.

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