Check out these Exclusive Runway Nail Designs at Fashion Week

CND, the global leader in professional nail care, unveiled 24 gilded nail designs at The Blonds Spring/Summer 2016 Show at MILK Studios in New York. Inspired by Cleopatra, the Sphinx and various elements of Egyptology, the clothing and nails are best described as dramatic handcrafted treasures. The ancient Egyptian emphasis on procuring the most valuable riches for the afterlife was translated into a regal, glistening runway show of avant-garde fashion and artistry.

“Our long-standing partnership with The Blonds continues to inspire boundless creativity season after season,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “With sculpting and nail enhancements on the comeback trail, this show was the perfect opportunity to explore new techniques and discover the next wave of the medium. Tying in with CND’s Summer 2016 trend story, we incorporated romantic layers of texture for a delicate, refined glamour.”

Completing the designers’ runway looks with a distinct nail style on every model, the elite artists of the CND Design Lab Team hand-sculpted the nails and their larger-than-life embellishments with CND™ Liquid & Powder and BRISA™ Gel, then added layers of colour with SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour, VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish and CND™ Additives. Royal golden tones ruled the colour palette – antiqued, shimmering and expensive – while accents of blue, turquoise, red and green added texture and dimension. Hieroglyphics, snake and crocodile skins, gold-plated wings, draped headdresses and scarab beetles were constructed and embellished with an array of unconventional materials, including feathers, foils, ribbons, chains, gems, jewels and stones. A sarcophagus nail even opened to reveal a mummified pharaoh donning the actual golden locks of designer Phillipe Blond. A result of over 600 combined hours of production, these highly sculptural designs were the perfect accessory for The Blonds’ theatrical collection.

“The CND team never ceases to amaze us with their unique creative vision. If we can dream it, they can bring it to life,” said The Blonds designer David Blond. “The nails are an integral part of our overall story. Seeing it all come to life on the runway is incredible,” added Phillipe Blond.

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